We invited people to confess their deepest, darkest secrets and over 500 of them showed up.

The confessional as a location for storytelling was the foundational idea that we used to construct the Revolver event “CONFESS.” But there was more than just confessionals: the world premier of WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS, an interactive work by attorney/artist Emily Baxter (that’s since gone internet famous); listening booths and rooms designed by Emilie Robinson, Revolver‘s art director, fabricated by Rogue Arc; artwork from Chris Larson; music from DJ Shannon Blowtorch; apothecary bottles filled with absolutions written by strangers, and a more. It was a very special night.

Behind the scenes, CONFESS was the most ambitious project that Revolver has attempted (or will attempt for a long time). For instance, we took a temporary lease on the 16K foot warehouse space from the Thorp Building. Meaning we created our own venue. Which explains why we had multiple meetings with the Minneapolis Fire Department.

In the end, a ton of people came out and we were able to raise a bunch of money for Rock Star Supply Company, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills and homework.

Note: “bunch” is a relative term.

The Creative Process

What It Looked Like

DJ Shannon Blowtorch

Emily Baxter in the ``confessional booth``
Bar Regret
Stripped Down Red Carpet
Absolution Bottles at the end of the night
Night's Winding Down


  • Over 500 Attendees

  • New partnerships and relationships; new challenges faced and overcome

  • Strong interest and reporting from the press

  • Established Revolver as a Major Player in the MPLS/STP Literary Scene


Clear, resonant ideas will generate interaction and engagement.Also, don’t rent out abandoned warehouse spaces unless you are ready to do a lot of work.


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