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Messy Little Stories

One of the world’s leading suppliers of professional commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment wanted to do “social media.” We figured it out.

The problem, of course, is that professional commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment is really, really boring. Maybe it isn’t to people in the industry—but we suspected (correctly) there are very few people who are passionate about keeping office floors sparkling.

And that was the key, actually. Who cares? Or to put it more pointedly: is anyone celebrating—in a creative way—the lives of this company’s end user, the custodian?

We built a “pop-up publication” for this industrial cleaning company to celebrate custodians’ stories of the “Big Mess.” Detectives have authors turning them into characters and there are so many hospital shows that we’ve lost count.

What’s there for custodians? Messy Little Stories.

The Creative Process

Design Elements / Technology


It’s too bad. Just as we finished up building the platform, our champion got fired, killing the project. We’ll never know.


1) There’s a strong chance Heidegger is good for business.
2) A strong engagement strategy should ripple across an organization—i.e., Marketing —> Sales —> Beyond.
3) Make sure you’ve got lots and lots of allies for your out-of-the-box idea.


Do you see potential with the conceptual framework behind Messy Little Stories?  Are you in a situation similar to the industrial floor cleaning company’s? Let’s talk. We really, really want to try this concept.

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