Picture of the crowd.

Revolver Launch Party

No one knew who Revolver was. Then, one day, a lot of people did.

Revolver launched with gusto. Internally, they had agreed that having 250 people show up would be a huge success. Well, over 700 did. We got press from MPR, Star Tribune, VitaMN, City Pages, and more. If we were honest, it was overwhelming. And amazing.

How did we do it? Good question. One strong idea: hipster boxing.

Why “hipster boxing”?

It fit Revolver‘s brand. It fit the zeitgeist of the culture. It also brought in strong allies who wanted to make sure the event well themselves—i.e., the boxers. They certainly didn’t want to be fighting in front of 10 people.

But hipsters boxing couldn’t be the end of the event—we needed to give additional depth to the project. That’s why there were “Polaroid Stories,” banging tunes from DJ Shannon Blowtorch, drinks from Bin On The Park, food trucks, and a beautifully done-up space.

Note: Our Luke Finsaas and Emilie Robinson are part of Revolver.

The Creative Process

The Lead Up

Launch Poster
Fight Cards

We used every avenue of marketing we could think of: guerrilla poster hanging, traditional publicity, micro-events, and social media.  We crafted (mildly) irreverent press releases and responded to inquisitive reporters. When we say “micro-events,” we mean the “Friends of Revolver” night when we invited 30 of the Twin Cities’ literary tastemakers over to a loft in Lowertown, plying them with drinks and joviality.

We created a number of different pieces of collateral for different marketing channels, both digital and print. Our process began with four different posters, as well as three derivative flyers. From that we were able to hone the design (by consensus) to the single final poster. That was the root of all additional designs, no matter the medium.

Friends of Revolver

What It Looked Like

Painted People
Boxing at Revolver's Launch Party
Polaroid Stories
Polaroid Story
Uppercut Boxing Gym
Waiting for the picture to develop
Polaroid Stories


One strong idea can make or break your project. So get it right.


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