The Salt Collective

These folks needed a platform. We built them a platform.

The Salt Collective features diverse writers who are shaped by and grounded in the spirituality and ethics of the Beatitudes. Together they curate unusual discussions on faith, politics, culture, and media. There are pastors and there are atheists, writing on everything from transgender sexuality to the politics of GMOs. It’s a great bunch of people.

But they needed someone to design and develop their website.

Behind the scenes, we had to make sure that the site was very simple technically, as there were more than 15 writers that would be using it, all of them with ranging technical abilities.

Our goal was to keep the “design” and clutter out of the way. Make it attractive, make it functional, but keep it focused on what these diverse writers had written.

In the end, we hand the keys to the writers of The Salt Collective and they’ve been running wild with the thing, publishing articles 4-5 times a week with only a few requests for our help. The thing works and it looks good.

The Creative Process

Design Elements / Technology


Sometimes you’ve got to build a boat to cross a river.


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