Write Fight

WRITE FIGHT is an annual, single-elimination writing contest on the banks of the Mississippi during Northern Spark.

Revolver wanted to do something that would explore the creative process, something that would celebrate writers in a safe and fun environment—i.e., not a poetry reading. Something that would add risk and sexy-ness to the act of putting words on paper. Musicians get to show their work all the time before it gets recorded in a studio. Writers, not so much.

WRITE FIGHT pitted eight writers against each other in 10 minute live-action, writing bouts. But let’s be honest: writing is not exciting to watch, even with old typewriters. That’s why we added distractions. It fit, though. We were exploring the creative process and what’s more integral to the creative process than the temptation to turn on the TV or go stare blankly into the refrigerator?

In the end, we had a huge crowd, an incredible response from the press, and even the losers said they had a great time. This year we’re doing it again, but that’s another story.

The Creative Process

What It Looked Like

Joel Turnipseed
Sally Franson
Take a Selfie with the Author
Trash talking
Maggie Ryan Sandford
Dance Party


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